A daily Twitter wORDGAME

confection, panache, zoonosis

Before he got abducted by G+,  one of the highlights of each day was seeing my brilliant acquaintance @gavroche’s #definethis tweets.  Often using two or even three obscure #definethis words, @gavroche would post brilliant, lyrical tweets.  So it is in his honor that I tweeted the following:

9 Lives is not a confection/to be eaten with panache/But if the cat scratches/you might get a zoonosis/instead of just a scratch #definethis

I will leave it to you, dear reader,  to identify and if need be look up the obscure words.   And hope the day will come soon that my poetic friend escapes the clutches of the evil big G.   At least long enough to play the #definethis game again.

  • 25 July 2011
  • 18